Why The Lego Brand Is Awesome!

For the Lego brand, everything is indeed AWESOME. The word Lego is derived from the Danish words “leg godt”, meaning “play well.” People have certainly been playing well (and often) helping the Lego brand become the biggest toy company in the world by both revenue and profit.

With the constant influx of new and shiny toys, including many that can be played on various screens, it is a testament to Lego’s brand that it continues to thrive.

With the short-attention-culture our of children, it can be a challenge to find ways to engage them. While I often lament at how my children turn into zombies when playing mindless games on devices, they seem to be completely different when engaging with the multi-colored plastic blocks.

The Lego brand’s success is attributable to its clear focus, consistency and ability to connect on an emotional level.

The Lego brand is about building through creativity and imagination. While other toy companies try to develop breakthrough ideas to engage consumers, Lego keeps its focus on what makes it distinct–a blank slate for the imagination. This enables Lego to connect with generation after generation of creativity-building awesomeness. It has a universal appeal providing creative outlets for both boys and girls of all ages. My personal experience of engaging with my daughters and my son with Lego has been…awesome!

While Lego has had some bumps along the way, it has remained true to its essence and the simplicity of its message.

I love these simple ads from 2006, where they show imagination without ever
saying it.

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Lego’s holiday ad, featuring a father and son, tap into my emotions as I relate to building Lego creations with my son.

It also appears to have bounced back from some of the criticism of its gender balance for Lego Friends with this recent ad:

Of course, the Lego brand had a boost from it’s spot-on movie  that captured worldwide audiences to the tune of $470M in box office.

The Lego brand is stronger than ever, and in fact, is stronger than all others, according to Brand Finance, naming it the most powerful brand of 2015.

If you are lucky enough to live in Philadelphia, and you want to engage with the Lego brand, check out the  Franklin Institute’s The Art of the Brick exhibition.

Like the bricks themselves, Lego’s brand affords many opportunities to build and grow, all while engaging one’s creativity and sense of imagination.

Tell us about your favorite Lego Master Builder project?