Three Dough-licious Philly Donut Shops

I was thrilled to move into my new Philly apartment for a lot of reasons. Reasonable rent, in-unit laundry and one that’s slightly less practical: close proximity to my favorite donut shop.

Philadelphia is a foodie’s paradise, boasting delectable cuisine from around the world, incredible local eats and, of course, cheesesteaks––there’s something for every palette. You might not think of donuts as a quintessential Philly food, but the City is also home to some amazing donut shops.

We’re featuring three awesome local donut brands that each present a unique spin on how they do donuts, from 100% vegan, to serving them with fried chicken. I have a feeling your mouth will be watering momentarily…

Federal Donuts

With six brick and mortar locations, a counter at Whole Foods and stands at two stadiums, chances are you’ll be near a Federal Donuts whenever a donut craving strikes. The brand was founded by a group of hospitality pros, the experts behind other Philly classics like Goldie and Zahav. Their donuts alone are worth the trip, but what makes this brand noteworthy is what they’re paired with: twice-fried chicken, available in a variety of seasonings and glazes. The Federal Donuts logo features a chicken inside of a donut shape, and what you see is what you get: each order of wings will come with a honey-dipped donut.

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Dottie’s Donuts

From the dough, to the glaze, to the toppings, Dottie’s Donuts makes entirely vegan donuts. They have two locations, one in West Philly and one in Center City. Their branding conjures retro charm, think neon signs and 50’s-esque logo designs. Dottie’s shakes up flavor offerings daily, like a delicious donut-y spin on iconic snack favorites like Pop-Tarts or a 90’s throwback, Dunkaroos. With fun flavors like these, their creative donuts live up to the nostalgic charm of their branding.

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Hello Donuts

Hello Donuts’ branding is just as sweet as their donuts––the “o” in their logo is a donut with a bite taken out. Located in East Kensington, the brand serves a few flavors that rotate monthly, including at least one vegan option. Those with a sweet tooth can delight in flavors like “banana pancake” or “milk & cookies”. Others might prefer their “savories”, a special creation of donut dough filled with savory combinations like scrambled egg, spinach and cheese.

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Each brand shares frequent social posts with their flavor offerings, fostering devoted fan bases that are hungry for more. Plus, they team up with Philly-based coffee companies for some epic collaborations: Hello Donuts serves ReAnimator and Dottie’s Donuts serves Elixir.

Even if you’re selling something that many companies offer, you can stand out from the crowd by investing in your brand’s identity. If you find a unique angle and inject personality into your brand, customers will want to come back for seconds. Sounds tricky, right? Donut worry! Contact us to see how Tag can help your brand shine