The Top 5 Marketing Podcasts You Should be Listening to

People often forget to take advantage of all of the free information floating around on the internet, so we’re here to remind you. Podcasts are the perfect form of media for the multitasker, the white noise lover, and the business owner trying to start a company. You might have already exhausted every new television show, album, and movie while being at home during the pandemic, but here are the Top 5 Marketing Podcasts that can help you learn insider tips about the world of digital marketing.

Marketing Over Coffee

The podcast Marketing Over Coffee breaks the format that many podcasts follow. Co-hosts John Wall and Christopher Penn go to local coffee shops and record their episodes there. They know how to make the world of digital marketing fun with fast, to-the-point episodes that feel like you’re listening in on their conversations. This marketing podcast is really popular because listeners love the laid back feel. For only 20 minutes out of your day, you can learn about search engine optimization, email marketing, copywriting, stay-up-to-date with new social networks as well as “old school” offline marketing. So why not take a listen to this marketing podcast the next time you’re on a walk, in the car, or even drinking your morning coffee? Those 20 minutes could help you learn something that will take your brand to the next level.

Call to Action

If you’ve ever wondered how a brand became successful with its online marketing, then you have to take a listen to the podcast Call to Action. This podcast is all about stories of successful online marketing, and breaks down the process through interviews of the very people who created them. Because the hosts want to share first-hand experiences, the episodes are guest driven. This allows for a wide range of guests varying from copywriters, campaign strategists, marketing directors and data analysts. And keeping with the name Call to Action, each episode makes sure to give its listeners actionable tips varying from pay-per-click marketing, A/B testing, and content and social media marketing that they can start to implement right away. So if you’re looking for help or inspiration with your online marketing, then check out this podcast that airs every Wednesday!

Social Pros Podcast

With the slogan of “real people doing real work in social media,” it’s safe to assume that the Social Pros Podcast is going to be talking about real-life marketing instead of hypothetical examples. And if the slogan doesn’t convince you that this podcast means real business, then maybe its most recent award of best podcast at the Content Marketing Awards will. Rather than focusing on smaller businesses’ success, this marketing podcast talks about how big companies like ESPN, Ford, Dell and IBM manage and operate their digital marketing. With the Social Pros Podcast episodes usually being around an hour long, hosts Jay Baer and Adam Brown are really able to get into all the details of how the biggest companies stay on top through their online marketing – and with their personalities, an hour can go by fast. 

Social Media Marketing Podcast

Michael Stelzner, host of the Social Media Marketing Podcast, offers his listeners a makeover that doesn’t come from Ulta or Sephora. Michael claims that after listening to a few of his episodes, he can help your brand undergo an online makeover. To us, this seems like a claim too good to pass up, so let’s dive a little deeper into what these makeovers look like. Every episode starts off with a simple tip that you can apply to your brand’s marketing, and then reveals how successful brands use the tip to their advantage. The tips are usually centered around Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and business development. So if you’re trying to start your own business, or trying to improve your businesses’ overall social appearance, then take a listen to this podcast and see if you can get your brand’s online makeover jumpstarted.

The Science of Social Media

If you’re more of a blog person rather than a podcast person, but are looking to make the switch, then The Science of Social Media is the perfect 15-minute podcast to ease you into listening rather than reading. This podcast is perfect for making that transition because it comes from the same creators of Buffer’s blog, so the hosts’ conversations give you the feel of a blog, in a podcast format. The blog is focused on social media and marketing, so it makes sense that their podcast is chock full of everything you need to know on social media to grow your business, and create a brand that your consumers will love. Their listeners vary from people who are in the early stages of navigating social media to experienced professionals, so there’s an episode for everyone. And if you’re wanting more after listening, you can head over to their blog for a deeper dive.