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Tastes Of Tag: Style Edition.


April 8, 2015

You are your brand. From what you wear to how you portray yourself on social media. Everything you do, say, and wear says something about you and your personal brand. Think about the last time you met someone new. Before they even opened their mouth, you began making assumptions about them based on appearance. Your appearance, a.k.a. your packaging is the outward-facing first line of communication. It includes your clothing, hair/makeup, accessories, etc. Just like any brand, your “packaging” should be purposeful and determined. 

“The most successful entrepreneurs and business owners do create and, in fact, become brands.” says branding expert and Mavens & Moguls founder & CEO, Paige Arnof-Fenn. Donald Trump is known for his hair (as awful as it may be), Pharrell Williams is known for his hat and shorts combos, Hillary Clinton’s style is synonymous with pant suits…ha, you get the picture.

Here are a few things to consider before figuring out a style that works for you:

  1. What are you trying to say?

    A person wearing funky patterns or bold colors may be portrayed as fun or creative; while a person wearing a tailored suit may be perceived as well-put-together and professional.

  2. Are you consistent?

    A person who lives a vegan lifestyle, if they choose to wear leather, could be considered a hypocrite. In that case their style would not be aligned with their values. Does your style align with your ideals and beliefs?

  3. Do you have a signature style?

    I am personally known for my hats (15+ in my collection). My hats make me unique and help me stand out.

Ask yourself these three questions and make the necessary adjustment to project the personal brand that makes you–you. What you wear on the job, on weekends, and at the gym all reflect who you are and what you stand for…your personal brand.

I asked the team at Tag to tell me a little more about their own style. Here’s what they had to say:

Tastes of Tag: 2015 Style Edition

Polaroid Michelle - Tag Strategies Blog

Where do you shop?
Barney’s Co-Op, Anthropologie, Brooks Brothers,
Club Monaco

Signature article of clothing.
I don’t have one

Describe your style in one word.


Polaroid Eric - Tag Strategies Blog

Where do you shop?
American Eagle

Signature article of clothing.
Hat with pins

Describe your style in one word.


Polaroid Tara - Tag Strategies Blog

Where do you shop?
Nordstom Rack, Marshalls, Macys

Signature article of clothing.
Long sweaters

Describe your style in one word.


Polaroid Geoffrey - Tag Strategies Blog

Where do you shop?
T.M. Lewin (British shirtmaker), Etsy

Signature article of clothing.
Purple-based dress shirt with cufflinks. Purple socks.

Describe your style in one word.
Smart casual


Polaroid Renee - Tag Strategies Blog

Where do you shop?
TJ Maxx, Macy’s

Signature article of clothing.
Scarf, Black jeans

Describe your style in one word.


Polaroid Rachel - Tag Strategies Blog

Where do you shop?
H&M, Nordstrom Rack

Signature article of clothing.

Describe your style in one word.
Lesbian chic


Consider yourself as a blank canvas and dress-up in any manner you please! What’s your favorite clothing brand and what does it say about you?


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