I have had the opportunity to live on both coasts of the U.S. as well as two countries. Living away from where I grew up, I learned not all the comforts of home are available all the places you go. We all have our favorite local brands and can’t imagine living without them. Afterall a favorite restaurant or boutique store is part of what defines our identity and gives meaning to our everyday lives.

While living in Los Angeles, I was disappointed that Tastykakes were not (and are still not) available in California.  My favorite soft drink, Peach Snapple is not readily available in England.  Now back on this side of the pond, I miss some of the English brands such as Vimto, a mixed berry cordial and TM Lewin a men’s clothing store.

In today’s global economy with hyper connectivity most items can be ordered online, or at least that is the assumption. Further, I would argue most people think big brands are international and most are. (more…)