It’s that time of year again! Perhaps the most anticipated season in sports, March Madness is upon us. If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent the last two weeks obsessing over your brackets, entering leagues, and trashing talking your friends in the spirit of (sort of) friendly competition.

Who am I you ask? I’m Morgan Karas, junior advertising major at Temple University and I’ve made a temporary home at Tag Strategies this spring as an account services intern. When I’m not busy with the Tag team, I serve as the marketing coordinator for the Cherry Crusade, the ultimate fans of everything Temple Athletics. My position requires me to be innovative, passionate, and relentless as my team and I try to cut through the clutter that is the thousands of student sections trying to stand out. Student sections are a key component of college sports. In basketball, we can oftentimes be considered the sixth man; we can make or break a team when they play in our arena. We’re intense, ruthless, and wild – it’s a beautiful thing.  (more…)