A local healthcare system recently revamped its brand. My commute takes me by one of its billboards every day, and I honestly can’t stop thinking about its new tagline. Why can’t I stop thinking about it?

Because without any context clues, it doesn’t make sense, at least grammatically. (more…)

This is a short story about a super smart brand strategy created by Meineke.

Driven Brands, the parent company of Meineke, underwent leadership changes in July of 2012. With that came a restructuring of its marketing group and a new viewpoint for brand development and reinventing the car-care category.

The strategy focuses on empowering consumers to care for their cars. The tagline is “Drive a little smarter” and is supported by television spots featuring “kid mechanics” sharing extremely simple and practical ways to care for your car. The spots proclaim that if you take care of your car, your car will take care of you. Who can argue with that?