Recently, Microsoft revealed to the world what would be its fourth logo in the company’s almost 30-year existence. The logo has been received with more negative criticism than positive, the majority of the which calls out a lack of dynamics. Our feeling is that, while not the most exciting corporate moniker, it truly does a good job of tying back to the look and feel Microsoft has been growing with it’s Xbox Live, Windows 7 and soon to be released, Windows 8 properties. The four squares clearly represent Microsoft’s “live tiles” functionality, and could bring the mark to life in various mediums.

Let us also not forget that Microsoft has and always will be geeky. It will probably never be the cool kid, Apple has that space under control. Microsoft also has to think about it’s B2B clients, which make up a large part of it’s revenue. A logo update that speaks more to youth and consumers could play subconsciously on the business powerhouse that Microsoft has always been in the B2B market.

And let’s be honest, anything is a welcome update from it’s predecessor which made it’s debut in the late 1980’s.