It can be easy to pick on a brand when they’re down.

We try to keep this blog space upbeat, and share our thoughts on brands that get “it.” Eric Crawford recently praised UPS, REI and Harley Davidson for their unwavering focus on their brand’s core values. When brands identify what distinguishes them in the marketplace, and then commit to living those brand values at every touchpoint, it’s easy to stay on brand. (more…)

As brand strategist Michelle Taglialatela explained in a previous blog post, “a brand is all about the experience.”  For certain products and services, a positive brand experience that leads to good word-of-mouth from your customers can provide a better ROI than any paid advertisement.

For years, I’ve been a very vocal (unpaid) promoter of PATCO,  my local public transportation system.  I make a short drive each workday to a train station with ample parking, friendly staff, and reasonable ticket costs. It’s good for the environment and my community.  I look forward to having 23 minutes of “me” time before and after my workday, to read a book, check my calendar, or just watch the world pass by my window.  I tell anyone and everyone how much I enjoy my commute.  The biggest factor in my decision: trains arrive often, and on time. (more…)