Music. It plays an important role in almost all our lives. The opening chords of a song can hurl us back in time and just as easily propel forward entire generations.

Music is able to do this because it connects directly to the emotional part of your brain. When you listen to a song, it evokes an emotion and becomes encoded in your memory. So whether you’re running at the gym or hanging out with your best friends, music connects you to those experiences and people. Some of these can be extremely profound and others are just feel-good. This is the reason why artists like Beyonce, Michael Jackson, and Taylor Swift have been able to sway the hearts, minds (and dollars) of countless fans.  (more…)

Wow! That’s what I thought to myself 15 minutes into a Bruce Springsteen concert I recently attended. His energy was over the top. As I looked around, I saw an enormous range of ages and personalities worshipping Bruce. The crowd LOVED him, and I was particularly taken by the connection he had with the men in the audience.

While I have always liked Bruce, I am not a fanatic. But, as the concert progressed, I found myself becoming increasingly more intrigued by his performance, and his brand. He looked great. He was physically fit. He sounded amazing. And, he was connective. Sure seemed like “The Boss” to me. (more…)