“You can do anything with a law degree.” As a 20-something with a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising/Public Relations, I was convinced that a law school education would help me to do whatever I chose, in any industry I chose. I explained this to everyone who questioned my decision to take out a six-figure loan and give up all sanity for the next three years. It wasn’t until after graduation that I discovered taking an unconventional path can hurt you. And it did.

Prior to law school I always knew that the communications industry was my passion. So you can imagine my frustration after law school when I applied for job after job in the advertising/marketing world, only to be told that I was either over- or under-qualified. I needed to prove myself –but how?

Throughout my experience facing the rejection of a very competitive industry, I inadvertently discovered the significance of one’s professional image. I needed to demonstrate that I was the right “brand” for potential employers. It was through this realization that I landed an amazing opportunity to intern at Tag Strategies. Here are the five most helpful tips that I’ve learned for rebranding your most important product: yourself. (more…)