As a recent college graduate, I’ve spent the better part of my last four years wired on coffee, cramming to study for finals or finish a group project, and fueling my body with the cheapest and most convenient food I could find. Add this all up and it’s a recipe for a stressed out college student who could benefit from some R+R (and a gym membership).


“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see” – Edgar Degas

Our house was turned into an art studio for a few days as my daughters worked on their 5th grade art project. Each student in the class was given an artist to learn about and then try to recreate one of their pieces. I attended the “gallery” where each piece was displayed, as the artists stood by proudly. I was amazed at the level of skill displayed by these ten- and eleven-year-olds. (more…)

“The answer is chocolate…what was the question again?” (more…)