It’s been a strange election year, to say the least.  The conventions are looming, and between July and November I expect that we’ll consume more political advertising, punditry and news than is healthy for any person.  

But for two weeks in August, we can turn down the noise of the election and immerse ourselves in the Olympics. Continue Reading

It can be easy to pick on a brand when they’re down.

We try to keep this blog space upbeat, and share our thoughts on brands that get “it.” Eric Crawford recently praised UPS, REI and Harley Davidson for their unwavering focus on their brand’s core values. When brands identify what distinguishes them in the marketplace, and then commit to living those brand values at every touchpoint, it’s easy to stay on brand. (more…)


We are the 10%. The people with ink covered hands struggling to use a pair of right-handed scissor and literally bumping elbows with you at the dinner table. Most products are created with one handedness in mind. To a certain extent I sympathize with companies that build products catering to right-handers. It’s clearly more cost effective to make left-handers just deal with it. Sadly, this way of thinking seems to have carried over to the digital realm. Specifically the software that drives our smartphones. Devices we spend an average of 3 hours a day on. (more…)

A couple of months ago, I wrote about how brands influence and assist us in every aisle of the grocery store. The bright colors and iconic images of our favorite brands provide a mental shortcut in our decision-making process. If we’re going to talk about grocery store brands, though, we have to also talk about private label (formerly known as generic) brands.  (more…)

For the Lego brand, everything is indeed AWESOME. The word Lego is derived from the Danish words “leg godt”, meaning “play well.” People have certainly been playing well (and often) helping the Lego brand become the biggest toy company in the world by both revenue and profit. (more…)

It’s that time of year again! Perhaps the most anticipated season in sports, March Madness is upon us. If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent the last two weeks obsessing over your brackets, entering leagues, and trashing talking your friends in the spirit of (sort of) friendly competition.

Who am I you ask? I’m Morgan Karas, junior advertising major at Temple University and I’ve made a temporary home at Tag Strategies this spring as an account services intern. When I’m not busy with the Tag team, I serve as the marketing coordinator for the Cherry Crusade, the ultimate fans of everything Temple Athletics. My position requires me to be innovative, passionate, and relentless as my team and I try to cut through the clutter that is the thousands of student sections trying to stand out. Student sections are a key component of college sports. In basketball, we can oftentimes be considered the sixth man; we can make or break a team when they play in our arena. We’re intense, ruthless, and wild – it’s a beautiful thing.  (more…)

Have you ever met a person fond of the color purple? Like really fond of it. If you mention the color purple to them, they enthusiastically blurt out: “I love purple!

As it turns out, purple is the most powerful color in the spectrum. As a visible form of light, a color’s wavelength determines its strength. The smaller the wavelength, the more powerful the energy. The wavelength of violet is 400 nanometers making it the smallest–and strongest–of all colors. This may explain why purple is associated with supernatural energy. (more…)

It was only 6 months ago I wrote a post about the state of VR and 4 months since Tag received the Oculus Development Kit 2. Already the VR landscape has changed dramatically as big tech companies realize the potential and clamor to be the first commercially available headset. The major players to date are, Oculus, Samsung, Sony and Valve. (more…)

While watching Super Bowl 2015, we saw the first-ever ad for fresh produce. Avocados from Mexico ran a 60-second spot to tout their year-round availability, and encourage the purchase of more avocados.

My family is a fan of avocados, and my young daughters are already skilled at making guacamole. However, in all my times purchasing them, I have never noticed what brand I was buying. I think fruit and vegetable brands go largely unnoticed at the grocery store. We grab apples, potatoes and peppers from a bin, and bag them ourselves.