I recall watching Revenge of The Nerds years ago and finding it a fun, silly movie. But clearly it was a piece of fiction. Nerds would never really win in any meaningful way against the popular jocks. Nerds would never be admired or accepted, and certainly never cool. Or so I thought. (more…)

We are the 10%. The people with ink covered hands struggling to use a pair of right-handed scissor and literally bumping elbows with you at the dinner table. Most products are created with one handedness in mind. To a certain extent I sympathize with companies that build products catering to right-handers. It’s clearly more cost effective to make left-handers just deal with it. Sadly, this way of thinking seems to have carried over to the digital realm. Specifically the software that drives our smartphones. Devices we spend an average of 3 hours a day on. (more…)

I, like millions of others, love Apple. Not just their products (though I love them too) but the Apple brand as a whole. People often cite Apple customers as having a relationship with the brand that borders on obsession. (more…)