Music. It plays an important role in almost all our lives. The opening chords of a song can hurl us back in time and just as easily propel forward entire generations.

Music is able to do this because it connects directly to the emotional part of your brain. When you listen to a song, it evokes an emotion and becomes encoded in your memory. So whether you’re running at the gym or hanging out with your best friends, music connects you to those experiences and people. Some of these can be extremely profound and others are just feel-good. This is the reason why artists like Beyonce, Michael Jackson, and Taylor Swift have been able to sway the hearts, minds (and dollars) of countless fans.  (more…)

“You can do anything with a law degree.” As a 20-something with a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising/Public Relations, I was convinced that a law school education would help me to do whatever I chose, in any industry I chose. I explained this to everyone who questioned my decision to take out a six-figure loan and give up all sanity for the next three years. It wasn’t until after graduation that I discovered taking an unconventional path can hurt you. And it did.

Prior to law school I always knew that the communications industry was my passion. So you can imagine my frustration after law school when I applied for job after job in the advertising/marketing world, only to be told that I was either over- or under-qualified. I needed to prove myself –but how?

Throughout my experience facing the rejection of a very competitive industry, I inadvertently discovered the significance of one’s professional image. I needed to demonstrate that I was the right “brand” for potential employers. It was through this realization that I landed an amazing opportunity to intern at Tag Strategies. Here are the five most helpful tips that I’ve learned for rebranding your most important product: yourself. (more…)

Like those who have posted about their experience at Tag previously, entering the office is not just a vivid memory; it’s a loaded one.  Loaded with the same questions that I had when entering a new school: will I be accepted?  Is there anything in my teeth?  Did I remember to wear pants?

It was a quick transition, however, from the odd kid at the door asking for an internship, to someone who now feels that he is a new cog in the Tag Strategies clockwork—helping it function more efficiently each day.

One can easily say that my ascent to the aptly titled position of “long-term intern” was not simply a “rise through the ranks” operation.  I showed up to Tag in 2012 with basic graphic design knowledge and a penchant for blurting out quirky campaign ideas. (more…)

As the elevator was going up to the 16th floor, I didn’t know what to really expect of Tag Strategies. Questions like “What is the office going to look like? Will the people be friendly? Is the interviewer going to be intimidating?” were going through my head. Clicking through their website gave me an understanding of who they were and what they did but while entering the office I put aside all my preconceived notions. The interview process was smooth and after accepting my position as a new business development intern, I was ready to get started.

Embracing the office and everyone who works here was one of the best decisions I made. It not only lead to an amazing experience but also allowed me to understand the dynamics of a marketing/branding agency. Being a small company, everyone who works here makes Tag what it is. Their industrious yet charismatic personalities are a perfect mix for an efficient and fun environment. The working atmosphere makes coming to work effortless and enjoyable; more of something to look forward to rather than a burden. (more…)