Back to school shopping is upon us! With the start of each school year comes the chance for students to reinvent themselves. Whether they’re just entering middle school, their final year of high school, or their freshman year of college, students around the country are tugging on their parents’ purse strings to get their hands on the latest trends and gadgets. (more…)

Stop counting your “likes”, it’s all about the reactions now.  Love, Wow, Sad, Angry.  The only one missing is “immediate and irrational hate.”  I’m not sure exactly what that emoji would look like, but I think it might get some use in our current political news cycle.  Maybe something like this? (more…)

Like the game itself, this years crop of ads were filled with great plays and questionable calls. The Tag crew weighs in on our top 3 liked and disliked of Super Ads Bowl XLIX.


Yes folks, it’s that wonderful time of year. No I’m not talking about thou what shalt not be named. I’m talking about Super Ads Bowl™®©, where the brands we love (and some we’ve never heard of) duke it out to win the hearts and dollars of an expected 115 million U.S. viewers(more…)