Soaking Up The Sun And Brands

Monday through Friday we boost brands, all day every day. But when the summer work weeks end, most of us at Tag start looking toward the beach.
Our favorite vacation brands have the same three unique selling points (USPs) – sun, sand and salt air.

It’s hard to turn off that brand lens completely, though, even when we’re off the clock, and so we’re always observing brands and how they appear. First, we noticed that people are bringing a whole lot of stuff to the beach these days. Tents, umbrellas, chairs, towels, coolers, buckets and shovels, and carts designed to carry all of the aforementioned stuff. The second thing we noticed is that very few of those items displayed any visible brand identity.


On a beautiful beach day, the Jersey shore towns are filled with thousands of consumers, and the sea of umbrellas becomes our wayfinder.  In a sea of blue and rainbow umbrellas, it seems like a great opportunity to slap some bold branding on all of that fabric.
We went looking for brands amongst the canvas, and found that there were few doing a stand-out job along our coast.  Tommy Bahama and Margaritaville logos popped up on the backs of beach chairs, umbrellas and carts in a big way.  These are brands people can really connect at the beach and both brands take full advantage. Rio is another brand most beach-goers are familiar with yet they choose a discrete square tag to display the brand name. 

In fact, Tommy Bahama and Margaritaville are manufactured by Rio Brands, which seems to have cornered the market on beach gear.  We conducted a number of discovery sessions (aka beach visits), and could find only one other unaffiliated brand: Nautica.  

tommy bahama beach chair
tommy bahama umbrella

There are literally miles of opportunity for a brand to establish itself as the beach gear leader, but few have planted their umbrella (brand identity) in the sand.  If you make great beach gear, and want to discuss how our “inside out” approach can make your beach brand it, call us now.  At Tag we are committed to brands (and the beach), and will put in as many hours as possible getting to know your brand.  Hours and hours of beach time.  We promise.

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