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While each client’s situation is unique, it is usually necessary to incorporate some form of research and/or planning into the front end of the brand development process. The type, or amount, of research is typically dictated by the outcome of the Discovery Session and review of existing research.

Research might include employee or customer interviews, anthropological studies, competitive analysis or one of our cost-effective surveys like Brand Personality, Brand Perceptual Gauging or Brand Consumer Satisfaction.

Brand Personality

This study reveals how your customers perceive your brand’s personality traits. It is based on Jennifer Aaker’s Big 5 personality dimensions – sincerity, excitement, competence, sophistication and ruggedness.

Brand Perceptual Gauging

This study assesses how a product/brand is perceived compared to its competitors in the marketplace. It provides a visual map using two axes (e.g. price and quality).

Brand Consumer Satisfaction

This study explores how a product/service is perceived and assesses how satisfied customers are with it.

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Brand Insight Assessment

Brand Primer

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Brand Strategy

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