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Brand Insight Assessment

A holistic view of your brand’s health.

The BIA is a secure, confidential online research tool that measures the strength and alignment of a brand. It identifies gaps in alignment to build a stronger brand. While other methodologies evaluate the brand from the “outside in” by measuring customer or consumer attitudes, the BIA also examines the brand from the “inside out” by measuring the knowledge and attitudes of three of the brand’s most important constituencies: management, employees and channel partners.

The BIA is based on the philosophy that a strong brand cannot be built on effective marketing alone, but must also have the understanding and support of the organization through strong internal communication and training.

The survey covers five key categories:


Does the organization have an effective strategy?

Brand Identity

Does the organization have a clear brand identity?

Brand Adoption

How well does the internal organization align to delver the brand promise?

Brand Communication

How effective is the external brand communication?

Brand Execution

How effective is the delivery of the brand promise?

Quantifiable Metrics

The outcome allows an organization to prioritize programs, effectively allocate resources and systematically measure progress over time. The BIA deliverables include an analysis of key findings, easy-to-read charts and graphs and actionable recommendations. This study can be conducted at regular intervals (12 to 18 months) to gauge progress over time.

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