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You can’t build a great brand without the right tools and experience. Tag has both along with affordable research instruments you won’t find anywhere else.

Brand Insight Assessment

The BIA is an online research tool that measures the strength and alignment of a brand among key audiences. While other methodologies evaluate the brand from the “outside in” by measuring customer or consumer attitudes, the BIA also examines the brand from the “inside out” by measuring the knowledge and attitudes of three of the brand’s most important audiences: management, employees and channel partners.

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Brand Primer

This ensures a more productive outcome by educating key influencers about the subject of brand, its value and their role in the process. It can be provided as a 20-minute precursor to your Discovery Session or as a standalone tutorial.

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Discovery Session

Tag uses a proven method for discovering the True North of a brand. It works effectively because it is objective. It relies on facts, rather than opinions, and is inclusive of the voices across your organization. It was developed more than 25 years ago and has helped hundreds of brands find their differentiating point for exceptional success.

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Research & Planning

It is sometimes necessary to conduct research as part of the brand development process. This could include employee or customer interviews, anthropological studies, Tag’s Brand Personality survey or Brand Perceptual Gauging survey.

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Brand Strategy

Based on your Discovery Session, Tag will develop a strategy report reflecting your brand’s claim of distinction, value proposition, essence statement, taglines and adoption ideas. It will serve as the roadmap for brand development and keep decisions and initiatives “on brand.”

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Creative Development

Tag will translate your brand strategy into visuals and messaging that connect with your audiences to influence purchases and build loyalty. Contextual applications might include: corporate identity, packaging, collateral, sales presentations, website, social media assets, ad campaigns, etc.

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Some situations necessitate testing before rollout – taglines, names, logos, or other creative assets. With Tag’s Brand Verification tool, we can conduct qualitative studies in-person or online to explore customers’ and prospects’ perceptions, and the thought process behind them.

Brand Adoption

The most important decision you will make in this process is your commitment to hardwiring your brand strategy to your organization. Brand adoption does not happen by accident. It requires the dedication of everyone. Tag has a system designed to help organizations create an unforgettable and differentiating brand experience.

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