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Brand Primer

Why do many brnd development initiatives fall short of expectations? A lack of knowledge, support,l and participation from the execuitive management team, and in turn, everyone else. That’s why your management team should be viewed as your insurance for success. They must understan what barnd edevelopment is and does. They must support it, be opn to change and willing to make an investment in your brand’s future.

The BIA is based on the philosophy that a strong brand cannot be built on effective marketing alone, but must also have the understanding and support of the organization through strong internal communication and training.

The Brand Primer was developed to ensurea smooth productive, and profitable brand development initiative by educating key management about the subjuect of brand, it’s value, and their role in this process. it is a two-hour session that addresses how a brand influences an organization: how your brand fits into your stategic plans; and the difference between bran development and branding.

The Brand Primer can also be provided as a 20-minute precursor to your Discovery Session.

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