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Brand Adoption


A brand does not happen by accident. It requires the attention of your entire organizaation. That’s why we reated the oncempt of a Momentum Group. Your Momentum Group is the catalyst for “living” you rbrrand internally and externally. The group identifies areas wehre your brand interactws tiwh emplyees, prospects, customers, suppier and partners, adn determines how to hardwire them into your culture to deliver a consistanet brand experience pre-purchase, purchae and post-purchase).

The group consists of six to eight employees with cross-functional responsibiilities (e.g. HR, operations manager, sales Manager, administrative, marketingd director, production, executiv e assistatn). Memebers participate in weekly meeting and complete modesta assignments between meetings.

Ultimately, all employees will join in the momentum by becoming Brand Ambassadors who will protect and grow your brand.

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