Scary Good Ads

Fall is in full swing, with pumpkin spice lattes, sweaters, and cider galore. Brands are getting in gear for the holiday season, starting with the ~spookiest~ night of the year. From paranormal investigators to friendly ghosts, keep reading for our roundup of the best Halloween campaigns this fall (so far).


Skittles just released its first Halloween ad in 5 years. In this TV spot, the brand shows how to escape the clutches of an evil witch (à la Hansel and Gretel) with the help of Skittles… but mostly by being really, really annoying. The tagline “Annoy the Rainbow” is a perfect ending to this offbeat ad.


Reese’s is teaming up with Neil Patrick Harris for an interactive trick-or-treat house hosted on Facebook Live — appropriately named It’s A LIVE. Starting earlier this month, Facebook fans could vote on scary elements to include in the house. On October 24th, 32 select guests will get to experience the house in real time, while Facebook Live viewers help choose their fate. We love this creative use of live streaming technology.


Geico pulled through with several new Halloween ads this fall, both with their typical dose of Geico humor. The first one is ominous, featuring a man who discovers his new home is a lot creepier than he thought. The second is more lighthearted, with a surprise appearance from Casper the Friendly Ghost. A third one is a bit more witchy, featuring a roommate who’s up to no good… but really, really loves cats.


KFC partnered with Spirit Halloween to create the most finger lickin’ costume of the season. The limited edition Colonel Sanders costume includes everything you need to dress up as the Colonel… except a bucket of chicken. You’ll have to snag the finishing touches at your local KFC, for a costume so good you’ll have everyone asking for the secret recipe.


Bungalo — a real estate startup — hired actual paranormal investigators to inspect their properties for ghosts in a creative Halloween stunt. The promo video shows both a paranormal investigator and a regular Bungalo inspector, to highlight their thorough inspection process. Bungalo said it the best: “buying a home doesn’t have to be scary”.

Halloween is a great opportunity for brands to flex their creative muscles, and these brands all killed it (scary pun not intended). Did we miss any shockers? Let us know on social media — we’d love to hear from you!