Strength In Numbers.

The New Jersey Air Conditioning Association, a coalition of HVAC professionals, wanted to increase the size of its membership to strengthen its effectiveness and voice in Trenton.

Keep It Simple

The strategy was simple – offer a free membership to garner interest, then deepen the relationship through a higher level of membership at a later date. To accomplish this, Tag created a campaign called “Do This!”¬– an incredibly easy way for HVAC professionals to obtain their FREE membership. All they needed to do was send a text message to become instantly enrolled. It literally took 30 seconds.

Highly Targeted

We deployed campaign materials consisting of counter cards, posters and talking points to 43 HVAC supply houses throughout New Jersey. As an incentive for staff members, we created a contest for the most signups. The winning supply house was awarded $500.

Using an email list of licensed HVAC professionals, we created targeted Facebook ads with integrated sign-up forms.

Real Results

The campaign ran for 90 days. Over the course of that time NJACCA received 160 new memberships via text message and 324 through Facebook, resulting in a 129% increase in new members, and a 1640% increase in NJACCA’s Facebook community.

Resulting in a 129%
Increase In Memberships.

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