Finding Our Inner Bliss.

The third largest carpet manufacturer in the USA, Beaulieu of America, was struggling to keep pace with its competitors and needed to establish a new brand to connect with customers.

Let’s go!

Discovery Session

A Discovery Session consisting of the CEO and senior leadership team unearthed what was truly unique about Beaulieu – a genuinely caring and friendly manufacturer with thoughtful, unique products.

Brand Strategy

A new name and tagline were developed to embody the essence of the brand – Bliss, The nicest carpet in the world.

Creative Development

Warm and uncomplicated visuals, lifestyle imagery and messaging created an emotional connection with their core customers.

Brand Adoption

Bliss’ launch at Surfaces, the largest floor coverings tradeshow in the U.S., created incredible buzz within the industry.


Over 35 articles and feature stories in major trade publications, website and blogs.

Orders for new merchandising system exceed projections by 100%.

3% increase in sales, while rest of industry down 15% to 20%

Double digit increase in market share.

Want us to do that for you?

Because we’d love to!