Research Tools

Would you like to know how well your organization understands its brand? Would it be valuable to know how satisfied your customers are with your brand? Perhaps knowing how your brand is perceived in comparison to competitors could lead to new ideas and strategies?

With our cost-effective research tools, your organization can uncover insights that lead to a stronger brand and increased profits. Below are a few tools to help you explore new possibilities.

Brand Insight Assessment™

This online tool measures the strength and alignment of a brand among internal and external audiences. While many brand research studies evaluate a brand from the “outside in” by measuring customer or consumer attitudes, the BIA also examines the brand on the inside by measuring the knowledge and attitudes of management and employees.

The BIA is a secure, confidential survey that provides a gap analysis of a brand’s alignment to help organizations build a stronger brand. It is based on the philosophy that a strong brand cannot be built on effective marketing alone but must also have the understanding and support of the organization through strong internal communication and training.

The survey explores five key categories:

  1. Strategy – Does the organization have an effective strategy?
  2. Brand Identity – Does the organization have a clear brand identity?
  3. Brand Adoption – How well does the internal organization align to deliver the brand promise?
  4. Brand Communication – How effective is the external brand communication?
  5. Brand Execution – How effective is the delivery of the brand promise?

The outcome of this study allows an organization to prioritize programs, effectively allocate resources and systematically measure progress over time.

Deliverable: An analysis of key findings, easy-to-read charts and graphs and actionable recommendations.

Timing: Approximately six to eight weeks. This study can be conducted at regular intervals (12 to 18 months) to gauge progress over time.

Brand Perceptual Gauging™

This study helps an organization understand how its product, service or brand is perceived compared to its competitors. It provides insight into opportunity gaps, or white space, by illuminating relative strengths and weaknesses and helps with strategic decision-making. This study includes customers, competitors’ customers and prospects and gauges the perceptions of the attributes you want measured.

What is it?

Deliverable: Quadrant maps and recommendations based on findings.

The Investment

How much would you expect to pay for a research project that can start productive conversations within your organization, inspire new ways of thinking, or motivate your leadership team to consider new ideas based on actionable insights? The price for each research study is $12,097. Pricing assumes all lists are supplied (employee, customer, prospect and/or partner). Participant incentives may be required. Discounts available for multiple studies.

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