Recipe For The Perfect Internship

As the elevator was going up to the 16th floor, I didn’t know what to really expect of Tag Strategies. Questions like “What is the office going to look like? Will the people be friendly? Is the interviewer going to be intimidating?” were going through my head. Clicking through their website gave me an understanding of who they were and what they did but while entering the office I put aside all my preconceived notions. The interview process was smooth and after accepting my position as a new business development intern, I was ready to get started.

Embracing the office and everyone who works here was one of the best decisions I made. It not only lead to an amazing experience but also allowed me to understand the dynamics of a marketing/branding agency. Being a small company, everyone who works here makes Tag what it is. Their industrious yet charismatic personalities are a perfect mix for an efficient and fun environment. The working atmosphere makes coming to work effortless and enjoyable; more of something to look forward to rather than a burden.

The workspace is imaginative, well organized and is truly reflective of the Tag brand. My favorite part of the office is the conference room and the creative side. The large windows that consistently spread throughout the office exhibit a radiant vibe, which keeps everyone active. Cubicles and closed spaces aren’t exactly part of the company culture as doors are open and everyone is accessible. This sort of collaborative habitat makes excellent ideas possible. No matter where I sat in the office, I could always hear the creative director’s unique selection of music. People who enjoyed their work surrounded me and that kept me motivated.

Assisting Stacie Chen (account manager) on creating and managing a database of potential clients was one of my first major tasks. Research on companies in terms of their recent marketing efforts and staying up to date with current trends in the industry were also part of my day-to-day activities. After understanding the meaning and implications of the word “brand”, I figured out how Tag helped companies truly recognize and operationalize their brand. Focused more on marketing Tag itself, I also worked with the director of client engagement to aid him in his efforts to formalize an effective social strategy.

Hearing some of my other friends talk about their internship placements, it was easy to figure out that the work they did had little or no impact on the business. This was not true for Tag. Everyone who makes an effort in this company can witness their work’s importance, which compels its employees to do even better. The client is the top priority and this organization makes sure that they’re taken care of before anything else.

Tag has made coming to Philadelphia an exciting and memorable learning experience, which has also helped me solidify my professional aspirations.

Zain Khan
Economics Management Major
Ohio Wesleyan University
Class of 2015