OBSESSED With Purple

Have you ever met a person fond of the color purple? Like really fond of it. If you mention the color purple to them, they enthusiastically blurt out: “I love purple!

As it turns out, purple is the most powerful color in the spectrum. As a visible form of light, a color’s wavelength determines its strength. The smaller the wavelength, the more powerful the energy. The wavelength of violet is 400 nanometers making it the smallest–and strongest–of all colors. This may explain why purple is associated with supernatural energy.

Purple is also associated with magic, mystery, spirituality, creativity, dignity and royalty. In fact Julius Caesar ruled that only an Emperor could wear purple; and in 54 AD when Nero became Emperor, wearing or selling something purple was punishable by death!

Ah-ha. Now my purple-people-eater friends are starting to make more sense. Katy Perry created a freak out moment at the 2015 Grammy’s with it ; Crayola created a special crayon for Oprah called The Color Purple; Prince showered us with his 13-time platinum hit Purple Rain in 1984; and Jimi Hendrix’ created a Purple Haze we’ll never forget. There is even a place for purple in the U.S. military–the Purple Heart is awarded to wounded and fallen soldiers in battle.

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And then there are the mega brands donning purple like Yahoo!, Cadbury, FedEx, Nexium, Monster, Taco Bell and even the LA Lakers. All of these brands chose purple to persuade and connect with their audiences. Yahoo! uses the color purple to evoke emotions of power, boldness, and a sense of excitement in using their search engine. Hallmark uses it to associate its brand with feelings of nostalgic sentiments. The LA Lakers use it to project confidence and boldness. Then, there’s The Purple Pill.

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At Tag, our own Geoffrey Klein wears purple every single day. No joke. And our dear friend and trusted partner, Lisa Simon of Simon PR, never leaves home without it. What favorite brands or people in your life believe in the power of purple?