A Not-So-Ritzy Brand Experience

As a brand strategist, I have always loved The Ritz-Carlton because of its uniquely personal brand experience. Upon walking through the front door, you immediately feel as if you are a queen (or king). That’s why I’ve had an appreciation for their motto: “Ladies and Gentlemen serving Ladies and Gentlemen.” Not to mention all of the thoughtfulness behind the organization. This is how you drive brand through an organization effectively.

But during my last few visits to The Ritz, things were different. I asked my friends if they felt the same way. We all agreed that the rude doorman, extremely slow service and lack of attentiveness were not hallmarks of The Ritz-Carlton we knew and loved. But according to their new brand platform, ‘The Ritz-Carlton continues to elevate its game’ with the “Let us stay with you” campaign. Some pretty lofty promises here  and I sure hope they can pull it off.


Maybe our experiences are the exception, but we will never feel the same way about The Ritz brand. I think Herve Humler has a breakdown somewhere and I sure hope he finds it. A brand is all about the experience, and The Ritz did this masterfully.