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Is Your Mail Leaving A Bad Impression?


October 15, 2014

At Tag, we all have many jobs…multitasking is a must. Once a week, I take a break from my client meetings and emails to review the incoming snail mail for the team. In between the bills and checks, there is a variety of direct mail pieces from vendors vying for our business. Lately, vendors have been catching my attention for all the wrong reasons.

Three invitations from the same company arrived to following personnel’s attention:

  • “Krista Price, President of Tag”
  • “Krista Tag, President of Tag”
  • “Krista Clark, President of Tag”

Note: Michelle Taglialatela is the president of Tag Strategies and Krista Clark is our media planner/buyer. Price was Michelle’s maiden name.

I laughed while simultaneously thinking…BAD brand impression! This particular company wasted money sending the same invitation to three different, yet very similar names. They also lost out by appearing disorganized and unprofessional. Obviously the list source was not credible or their internal database was problematic.

As brand experts, we stress that every impression is a brand impression that counts. According to the 2014 DMA Fact Book, 56% of direct mail pieces are read so marketers should make sure their mail gets into the right hands and makes the best impression possible…the first time.

Frequency is another issue that comes into play with direct mail and deserves thought. Take Comcast for instance. I have become accustomed to receiving their weekly sales letters – sometimes two. How many people want to receive the same letter every week? How often is too often before it starts to create a negative brand impression? While frequency is needed to execute a campaign effectively, a brand should be mindful of creative, offers and messaging that can engage the reader and be relevant. Sending the same thing over and over seems like a mistake. It also seems wasteful. Neither leaves your prospect or customer feeling good about your brand.


In 2014 direct mail spend was predicted to be up 1.1% to $44.5B. And, if you haven’t used mail as a tactic lately, consider using it to make a good brand impression. Direct Marketing News can help you do it right with resources, tips and guidelines for your next direct marketing project.

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