For The Love Of Yoga: Bringing Flexibility Into Your Life And Brand

As a recent college graduate, I’ve spent the better part of my last four years wired on coffee, cramming to study for finals or finish a group project, and fueling my body with the cheapest and most convenient food I could find. Add this all up and it’s a recipe for a stressed out college student who could benefit from some R+R (and a gym membership).

There are thousands of health regimens out there promising to get you in shape and turn you into an Instagram model. I was in the market for a practice that would bring flexibility, stability, and balance into my hectic life.

Enter yoga. The most relaxing, yet challenging, workout you could ever endure. It didn’t take much for the yoga community to convince me to give it a shot. I’m not sure if it’s the overwhelming sense of peace in every yoga studio or the obligatory shopping spree for yoga gear once you decide to become a yogi, but there was something about yoga that spoke to me and I knew it was the right path for me.

I’m certainly not the only one joining the yoga movement. In fact, the number of yoga practitioners in the U.S. has increased by 16.3 million people just since 2012.  As Michelle Taglialatela discussed in “The Secret to CEO Happiness”, yoga was a practice that even the CEO of Aetna implemented into its workplace to keep his employees engaged and healthy. Most often people cite flexibility and stress relief as their primary reasons for beginning to practice yoga. The brand of yoga is strengthening each day, positioning itself as one of the most desirable and fastest growing forms of exercise available.

Successful companies often times have a large group of brand loyalists. These individuals are devoted to the brand and will engage with and purchase new products frequently. Developing this strong “fan base” is extremely helpful not only for a company’s brand identity but their growth as well. Take a look at Lululemon, the activewear company that has taken the yoga and fitness industry by storm.  The Lululemon brand is constantly evolving and growing along with the yoga industry. Lululemon’s SVP of global programs, Eric Peterson, says “The most efficient business practices happen when we actually let go,” proving that being flexible (no pun intended) with your business can be beneficial for sustained success.

With International Yoga Day taking place this week, I encourage all of you to join the yoga practice if you have not done so before. Many studios offer two weeks of unlimited yoga at an introductory price. You are able to take each movement, pose, and class at your own pace, making it a truly personalized fitness and health experience. If you are in the Philadelphia area, I highly recommend checking out my yoga studio of choice – Yoga Home. You will find that the staff and instructors are nothing short of inviting and the refreshing experience will leave you hooked.


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