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Many cabs in the city make me feel bad when I tell them my destination is a street address and not “the airport.” I recently hailed a cab to take me to a brand session, a trip of about eight blocks. The driver stopped in the middle of the road and asked where I needed to go. I managed to spit out part of the address before he quickly sped away. I have friends who live near hotels and could easily grab a cab but instead they walk a block or two away to avoid the looks and grunts.

That was not the first time this happened and I’m sure it is not the last. So I researched this subject. From what I read, they can refuse you if you are outside of the cab. If you get in and then tell them your destination, they have to take you. So moving forward…hail, hop in and go!

To be fair – not all cab drivers are the same, and neither are all cab companies. (Those who smile and drive safely get the best tips from me!) Is there anything that would make you choose one company over another?

I’ve noticed a couple of new cab companies in town such as Freedom. Their cabs are new, clean and have small TV screens in the back. With the push to put hybrid and wheelchair accessible vehicles on the streets perhaps new competition will make the existing companies re-think their brands.

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