Hilarious Brand Twitters You Need To Follow

Over the past several years, brand Twitter accounts have gone from traditional to kinda weird to way, way too weird. In an effort to stand out, brands are often in competition to see which can have the wildest Twitter persona. Many times, this goes too far and the Twitter persona ends up being detached from the brand’s core message and purpose. This February, Sunny D’s official Twitter account tweeted a sentiment that felt, well, a little off-brand to say the least:

Personification of brands is one thing, but at the end of the day we all know that brands aren’t actually people. And some subjects—such as Sunny D’s depression—are a little too heavy for a brand to take on, especially one so far removed from mental illness as a beverage company. In an attempt to be quirky or relatable, Sunny D was totally out of its wheelhouse and came off as being disingenuous.

Brand Twitter accounts often have to keep a delicate balance between humor that works, and going too far. Here are five brand Twitters that successfully toe the line.


Steak-umm is the master of keeping it weird. The brand’s Twitter often refers to its product very literally as “frozen beef sheets”, and successfully convinced a legion of followers to adopt the catchphrase “Steak-umm bless”. The brand often gets very existentialist on Twitter and provides commentary on the food and advertising industries, which might seem a bit much for a frozen cheesesteak brand. However, Steak-umm’s Twitter persona nails the humor and manages to come off as very authentic. The key to the brand’s success is breaking the fourth wall with tweets that acknowledge there is a person behind the Twitter.


MoonPie takes Twitter weirdness in a completely different direction—adopting an innocent, goofy, solar system-obsessed persona that perfectly fits their brand. Following MoonPie on Twitter might not be the most intellectual decision you’ve ever made, but it’s almost guaranteed to put a smile on your face when you see their tweets.


No article about brand Twitter accounts is complete without mentioning Denny’s. The brand’s wisecracking Twitter is well-known for its on-the-nose one-liners about breakfast food. Denny’s Twitter never fails to hop on top of current Twitter memes and trends—and always relates the jokes back to their menu.


Wendy’s sassy redheaded attitude is brought to life through the brand’s Twitter. While other brands are known for their hilarious original tweets, Wendy’s is known for their roasts. The brand’s Twitter never fails to provide a cutting comeback to anyone who crosses them—competing brands and individuals alike.


Chipotle’s Twitter account is nothing if not smart. The brand’s tweets are rarely goofy or gimmicky—just funny, intelligent commentary on everything we love (or love to hate) about the cult-favorite burrito chain. Chipotle also isn’t afraid to poke fun at itself and its known quirks—yes, they know nobody wants to pay extra for guac.

These brilliant brand Twitters are guaranteed to brighten up your timeline — and inspire you to think about how far a brand’s voice can truly go. And if you’re looking for fresh commentary on the hottest advertising and marketing news, make sure to follow us too.

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