Great Philly Brands

Philadelphia is famous for many things — delicious cheesesteaks, the Rocky movies, and the Liberty Bell, to name just a few. But what many people don’t realize is that Philly is home to the headquarters of many national brands — Philly staples like the Philadelphia Eagles and Temple University not included. Read on for some of our favorite local brands that help make Philly great.


The Comcast Center in Center City is not only the brand’s headquarters, but a permanent part of the Philly skyline. Comcast is the second largest broadcasting and cable TV company in the world — and coincidentally, the Comcast Center is the second tallest building in not only Philadelphia but all of Pennsylvania. Hey, coming in second isn’t too shabby.


URBN makes its home in South Philly’s Navy Yard. URBN is a portfolio of 7 brands, including Urban Outfitters, Free People, and Anthropologie. Its headquarters is just as creative and curated as you might imagine — the campus sprawls across multiple buildings and over 280,000 square feet, with a dedicated building for each brand. With a work environment like that, no wonder URBN’s branding is so good.

United By Blue

United By Blue is an outdoor and sporting goods brand that calls Philly home. Rugged and down-to-earth, yet with an artistic touch, the brand is a perfect match for Philly. United By Blue positions itself as eco-friendly, but doesn’t just talk the talk. The brand pledges to remove one pound of trash from the ocean for each product sold through volunteer cleanups, and anyone can be a part of the brand’s mission.

Dietz & Watson

It doesn’t get much more Philly than Dietz & Watson. The brand has been a Philadelphia deli staple for over 80 years, and does its part to stay a vital part of Philadelphia culture. Dietz & Watson sponsors the Philadelphia Half Marathon, does “Dietz Nuts” giveaways at Eagles tailgates, and even had a pop-up branded merch shop on Philly’s South Street, called the Deli Shop.

Five Below

Did you know Five Below is also headquartered in Philadelphia? The popular discount chain’s headquarters are just as fun and lighthearted as the brand itself, which caters to teens and tweens. Pops of color and string lights help keep the office environment from being too disconnected from the brand, so employees can keep working on everything that makes Five Below fun. These are only a few of Philly’s most notable brands. With the right branding and advertising, any brand has the potential to stand out as much as any of the ones on this list. Are you interested in bringing your brand to the next level? Check out our website to see how Tag has helped clients thrive — and what we could do for you.