From Rowan To Tag: An Intern’s Perspective

Throughout college, professors and advisors constantly reiterate how crucial interning is to the success of a student entering the workplace.  As an advertising and public relations major, I know how competitive the communications industry is, so I made it my mission to intern for both a public relations and advertising agency before graduating from Rowan University.

I always say that the only way to truly understand something is to experience it. College is a necessity and extremely beneficial to the youth of America, but I personally don’t believe that professors can fully prepare you for a real world position based on in-class learning. I believe the only way to completely learn the ins and outs of an industry is by gaining experience through internships.

Currently I am interning at Tag Strategies in Philadelphia under the supervision of account executives, and I can truly say I have learned much more in my three months at Tag than in my four years of college.

Here at Tag hard work, passion and fun are the keys to a successful agency. Michelle Taglialatela founded Tag in 1995 as Price Communications, which has since grown into the award-winning agency it is today.

Under the watchful eye of account exec Renée Watson, I have been able to learn and grow in the account services side of a successful ad agency. I have always been known for my organizational skills and eye for detail, which fits perfectly alongside of Renée’s account exec style. I never knew I could pay even more attention to detail than my mind had previously been programmed, but I have learned that it is not only extremely important, but extremely necessary to check, double check and check again before submitting any work to the creatives or the client. That may seem like common sense to the “Average Joe,” but in the advertising industry one spelling error or graphic mistake can determine losing or keeping a vital account.

I have learned that it is tremendously important to be as organized as possible. On any given day there can be a significant amount of job jackets passing from desk to desk. It is increasingly important to maintain a steady understanding of where every job jacket is at all times. Of course for the average brain this might seem overwhelming, which is why the staff at Tag has developed a Traffic Schedule on Google Apps to ensure the location and progress of each job at all times.

Most importantly I have learned to have fun. Tag is an agency filled with crazy, fun-loving and amazing people that have all contributed to the success of the agency as a whole. Although my time here at Tag is ending, I will always remember the people I’ve met, the lessons I’ve learned, and the laughs I’ve had.

Written by:

Nicole Ciandella
Rowan University
Class of 2014
Advertising and Public Relations Major