Five Social Media Trends to Follow in 2020

Social media is an ever changing form of marketing that offers new ways to connect and tools to enhance usage and engagement. It can be overwhelming to keep up with, so we’ve done the hard part for you. Here are five social marketing trends of 2020 to look out for.

The Rise of Stories:

Though the concept of “Stories” has lived on Snapchat for a very long time, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube stories are still somewhat new. A lot of small businesses are still getting used to the idea, but they are a great marketing tool for establishing a stronger connection with customers and prospects. By adding personal touches like how-to videos, reposting customer-generated content and sharing exclusive information stories allows businesses to establish customer loyalty and top-of-mind brand awareness. After all, the more a brand engages with its audience, the easier it is to sell products and services.

Augmented Reality:

As the technology we use on a day to day basis continues to evolve, social media platforms are evolving with it. In recent years, augmented reality has been introduced on platforms like Snapchat, Instagram and even on personalized websites. By adding a simple filter, a potential customer can see exactly how a lipstick color, watch, or piece of clothing will look on them. They can see a piece of furniture in their living room before they make the purchase. Though this is still a fairly new technology, you can expect it to popularize throughout the next year on platforms like Instagram and Snapchat.

Influencers… Still:

Influencers have become a tried and true digital tactic to market products. Especially for smaller brands, micro influencers can help increase both engagement and awareness, as well as drive sales. Micro influencers usually have between 2,000 – 50,000 followers by creating a great niche with a loyal following. Whether they target a specific geography, interest, or age group, there are dozens of micro influencers that would love to help sell your products. As you forge relationships with different interests and their following, it seems almost unthinkable that your following would grow with theirs. 

Shoppable Posts & The “Swipe Up”:

A new feature that Instagram has introduced is shopping directly from a photo. Now, brands can “tag” a product and it will show it’s name and price, as well as the option for users to click and be brought directly to a purchasing page. This helps connect consumers directly to a call-to-action and gives them the option to very easily complete a purchase. This is especially important for brands that rely exclusively on e-commerce because it drives web traffic with a simple click. In addition to the shoppable posts, both Instagram and Snapchat have unveiled the “Swipe Up” for their stories. This, again, is a tool that allows brands to link consumers directly to a point of purchase with ease.


Podcasting, while not a new medium, is fairly unexplored when it comes to advertising. It seems everyone and their mother has a great idea for a podcast. From sports to books to video games, this medium leaves no niche uncovered. That’s what makes it the perfect platform for advertising. Audio ads are inexpensive and easy to create. It’s easy to find and support podcasts of all shapes and sizes that cover just about any subject. Podcast advertising should not be ignored.

Digital marketing changes every single day, and to consumers, the landscape can feel oversaturated with promotion. Finding the perfect balance between promotion and personal connection is key when it comes to digital marketing. These five trends can help your brand stay up-to-date and ahead of the competition.