Don’t Ignore Gen Z

To get noticed, brands used to garner attention from consumers by being trendy, cool, affordable, or exclusive. But younger consumers are changing that by focusing on what brands do and what social issues they care about like sustainability, diversity, and mental health. The key to making successful connections with these younger consumers involves 2 things: authenticity, and Gen Z.

Don’t Hurt the Earth

Climate change has continually become a major issue, and one that both Gen Z and Millennials have grown up with. The doom of a world full of plastic and waste was enough of a motivator for these generations to decide they don’t want their brands to be wasteful. With their willingness to pay more for quality clothes that don’t harm the earth, new brands have emerged focusing on this sentiment. Broken Planet Market, a new clothing brand that sells sweatshirts and reusable tote bags brands themselves with statements like “Down to Earth,” “It’s Hot in Here,” and “More Expensive Than You Think.” Their brand’s authenticity is proven by how they manage a sustainable business and raise awareness through their products.

Don’t Be White Washed

An article from the Pew Research Center found that Gen Z is on track to be the most “diverse and educated” generation yet. This means as they  grow into adulthood, their values and interests are going to reshape society. We already see it reshaping brands’ commitments to prioritize diversity. CHNGE is a clothing brand that promotes diversity through race, body image, and beauty standards. They make authentic connections with consumers by incorporating their brand’s purpose into campaigns like “Label Me Human”and “Gurls Talk” a community created to promote open and honest conversations about struggles with diversity.

Don’t Be Pessimistic

Mental health issues have become less of a taboo topic amongst Gen Z and possibly the most talked about issue of their generation. MADHAPPY has been one of the most successful brands to emerge focusing on this issue, and have found success by keeping a clear, consistent, and authentic mission to make the world a more optimistic place. Their authenticity can be accredited to positive affirmations on their merchandise, by collaborating with companies like Headspace and AIM Mental Health, and by creating filters on social media for World Mental Health Day. They have done such an incredible job at creating a conversation around mental health, that even celebrities like Lebron James have taken notice of their brand.

Gen Z’s influence has really taken control this year in a major and positive way. These new age brands have shown how successful they can be by being plugged into what’s important to consumers. If you’re a brand that hasn’t started taking Gen Z seriously yet, reach out to us.