You Don’t Build A Brand By Accident

Michelle said it best – “A brand does not happen by accident. It requires the attention of your entire organization.” It’s why we have such a rigorous hiring process, which I shared in this blog in 2014. We live our brand at Tag every day, and we love to read about other companies that take their internal branding as seriously as we do.

Zappos and Southwest are two brands that get “it,” and we’ve shown them a lot of love in blogs over the years. Both brands are known for their outstanding customer service, and they rely on their employees to deliver on their brand promises consistently. That also doesn’t happen by accident.

At Tag we have a zest for life, sunny-side-up attitudes, and believe in being good citizens. We also believe in stealing good ideas from other companies we see doing a kick-ass job. Fast Company looked at where talent was heading within the tech industry, assuming that where talent goes, innovation, revenue and business success likely follow. According to their data, Hulu ( made a big comeback in talent in 2016 as they redefined TV. In 2015 they saw revenue increase by 50%, and subscribers increase by 80%. Like Zappos, company culture is integral to their business mission, and hiring applicants who embrace their core values of collaboration, empowerment, individuality, wellness, fun and transparency seems to be working out for them.

Collaboration, or teamwork, is something we value highly at Tag. It’s why we have brainstorming lunches with the whole team, not just the creatives. Great ideas arise when we combine our individual talents and viewpoints. Physical and financial wellness are also important to us at Tag, and it’s why we evaluate and update our salary guides and employee benefits package each year, to make sure our team stays happy and healthy.

REI earned a lot of goodwill in 2015 when they announced they were closing their stores on Black Friday, while their competitors were opening early for bargain hunters. All employees were told that the company was “paying them to do what they love most—spend time outside.” Their decision became a movement, #OptOutside, and they encouraged customers to do the same. It was a message that was truly born out of their inherently unique brand and differentiated them from their competitors more effectively than any holiday sales promotion. It resonated with employees, and with customers in a big way.

Tag may not be as outdoorsy as REI, but we do understand that benefits need to have value to your best employees, not to the people working for your competitor or your neighbor. When your brand distinction informs all of your business decisions, including hiring and retaining employees, it’s easy to make those connections, and make your workplace one of the best, just like Tag.

Once the warm weather returns, you can join us the next time we #OptOutside for a cocktail al fresco. We’re outdoorsy like that.

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