Does Your Holiday Card Pass The Test?

In the advertising industry, the agency’s holiday card has always been a vehicle for creative expression about the brand. After all, we have free creative reign. No client approvals. No rush job status. No “no’s.”

At Tag, we typically start brainstorming for our beloved holiday card in July. Yep, when it’s hot and steamy, we’re trying to get in the holiday mood. We play some holiday music, drink some cheer and get started. Should it be edgy? Should it be funny? How can it perfectly capture our brand’s personality and stand out? It’s a labor of love and we consider everything.

Fast forward to the holiday season. As holiday cards begin arriving from clients, partners and suppliers, the annual critiquing beings. When grading them, this is what we look for:

  • Is it a custom holiday card or purchased?
  • Does it reflect the brand’s personality?
  • Does it feel thoughtful or obligatory?
  • Is the quality of the printing good?
  • Does the paper feel substantial or a little flimsy?

Here are some of last year’s winners and losers:

Good Santa

Our favorite: Todd Trice Photography 

Todd nailed it. It relates to his craft; it’s creative and funny; and he wrote a personal note on the back.

Print and Mail Card

All about them. Please do not make your logo the center of attention. Please.

Cable Christmas

Why is my cable bill so high?  Print quality matters; and design too. This “happy holidays” art is exactly the same as following example.

Marketing Holiday

Does this house do marketing research? You get the point–it doesn’t make sense.

Bird Holiday Card

We see poisonous berries (and a bad outcome for this bird). This is also from a research company. Creativity isn’t their thing.

If you haven’t considered the brand impression your holiday card makes on recipients, we strongly recommend you do. Holiday cards have a shelf life of six weeks or more, and are exposed to more than just the recipient. Make it the best it can be, and make a great brand impression!

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