Do You Have Acne…

…In your closet?

I currently do not, but I was pretty fascinated by the brand name when I saw it in Barney’s Co-Op recently. Apparently this company was founded in 1996, but I am just learning about it now. (Although I love apparel, I am clearly not fashion forward enough. LOL.)

Acne, which stands for Ambition to Create Novel Expression, pronounced ACK-nay by the Swedes, is a fashion house with a multi-disciplinary approach. It was founded in Stockholm by Jonny Johansson and is inspired by his interest in photography, art, architecture and contemporary culture. The collections include men’s and women’s ready-to-wear, footwear, accessories and denim.

Interestingly, and probably why I am not aware of the brand, Acne does not market itself traditionally. Instead, it uses its magazine, Acne Paper, to expose its brand. Acne Paper covers art, fashion, photography, design, architecture, academia and culture. Each issue is based around a unique theme, like this issue dedicated to actresses who have moved us with their unforgettable performances.

It’s fair to say this strategy is working as this fanatically popular brand sells more than a million garments globally every year. And Acne’s creativity extends beyond fashion with its line of toys, Acne JR, creating iconic toys in a modern way. Not only that, Acne has collaborated with the creative community to develop furniture, bicycles, cross-gender clothing and more.

So, while I gasped when I saw the Acne name on the wall in Barney’s, hats off to this brand for authentically living its mission…and name. And kudos for penetrating the US market with a name like Acne. It just goes to show that when a brand is done right, anything is possible.

FYI: Acne has a flagship store New York City. Field-trip anyone?!?