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The Situation

Bimbo Bakeries, one of the world’s largest baking companies, needed help retooling its recruiting brand to attract top talent, in particular Millennials, and strengthen human resource communications.

The Solution:


Umbrella concept – Feed Your Life. This solution was a perfect fit with Bimbo’s core values and corporate brand. It created an interesting way to convey the opportunities, benefits and satisfaction of a career with Bimbo – Feed You Ambitions (career opportunities), Feed Your Purpose (social responsibility, volunteering), Feed Your Goals (financial, health and education), and more.


Tag created an exciting look and feel for the Feed Your Life brand to complement the parent brand. We developed a website, brochure and reimagined Bimbo’s career fair efforts. We implemented a successful social media campaign to drive college students to career fairs across the U.S., where they engaged with a booth experience that stood out from competitors.


“As we introduce the new materials and recruitment brand to different audiences, the feedback has been incredible. Everyone is blown away by how great it looks! Thank you for such amazing work. We are looking forward to continuing our partnership.”

Great response at
college career fairs

2,000+ Likes, shares
and comments

550,000+ Social
media impressions

85% of reachable users at schools
exposed to Bimbo within 2 weeks
prior to career fairs

Work Samples:

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