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The Situation

Aqua America is the second largest publicly traded water utility in the U.S., serving eight states and three million consumers. They needed a solution to strengthen, evolve and systematize their brand.

The Solution:

Discovery Session

Geographic challenges required a hybrid of three discovery sessions to get to the heart of the brand and gain consensus from the C suite.

Brand Strategy

The positioning and strategy focused on Aqua’s deep history and expertise, efficient operating model and environmental stewardship. From this, “The groundwork for a better tomorrow” was born.

Creative Development

Tag built out a branded solution that encompassed customer communications, internal communications, business development, investor relations and included assets like infographics, videos, bill inserts, ads, trade show materials and more. The solution offered easy-to-access templates and other supporting materials for business development and community outreach.

Brand Adoption

Aqua has a dispersed employee base (half field and half office), so to reach them successfully we created a launch package that was sent to each employee’s home. It included a letter from the CEO, a brand guide and branded giveaway item.


The consistency of Aqua’s brand
increased dramatically.

A meaningful way to communicate the
importance of Aqua’s promise to municipalities, customers and employees.

A better customer experience through streamlined
programs and communications.

“Tag worked strategically to optimize and standardize our brand across 90 locations while respecting the needs of each state.”
-Justin Pizzi, Director of Communications and Marketing

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