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Something I have always loved about the city of Philadelphia is the diversity of its people and food! All types of food can be found within a few city blocks—from vegan to steaks to cookies being delivered at 2 a.m. This city truly has it all.

Among the sea of tastefulness, a new player has entered the game. The pizza game to be exact.

Hailing from DC, Philly now has it’s first &Pizza. “What is &Pizza?” Basically it’s a fast-casual pizza brand that also has its own line of teas, wines and beers. Seems standard right? Well it’s truly the branding of the company that is the showstopper for me. Pardon me if I gush a bit about this place, but THE DESIGN. IS. AWESOME.


“The packaging takes the beauty of urban illustration/graffiti and combines it with simplistic, modern, monochromatic design.”

The packaging takes the beauty of urban illustration/graffiti and combines it with simplistic, modern, monochromatic design. Being a huge illustration nerd, I was drawn into the store and I didn’t even know what they were selling.

Looking into &Pizza you see the basics of a pizza shop. Pizza, soda, beer, wine, tea, etc. But I wanted to know how the “tribe”, the employees, kicked off their grand opening day. It was much like their esthetic, interesting and unique brand. Free pizza, for the first 215 people (okay not too unique), but the first five people to ask for an “&” tattoo would receive a free honest-to-goodness ampersand tattoo…like with a needle.  For permanently marking their body with the brand, these folks will receive a free pie every week for a year. B-boys danced outside as a long line of customers formed.

One of &Pizza’s core values is about staying local. In following that, &Pizza commissioned WOOD Architects to design the interior, and local muralist, Joe Boruchow, created murals that depicted Philly’s “current and historic events.” They also connect with local charities, using a “Buy One Give One” program. With each purchase, &Pizza donates a pie to the Attic Youth Center or  Philadelphia Mural Arts Program. I think this is a wonderful way for a growing brand to stay connected to its communities.

Now for the real question…how is the food? Dunno. (hahaha) I personally have not tried it yet, but from what I hear from the other Tag team members, it’s getting positive reviews.

All and all, I would go just to explore the interior, see the branding and pine over the packaging (rectangular pizza boxes and all)…and maybe grab some pizza.

The End

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