It’s Time To Create A Brand Profile On TikTok

Just like that, Instagram and Snapchat seem to be heading the way of Facebook: overrun with spam, ads, and other frustrations that are driving users away. In their stead, TikTok is poised to take center stage, growing in popularity every day. As of August 2020, TikTok reported having 100 million U.S. users, and numbers rise daily. All this to say: now is the time to take advantage of the platform’s exponential growth and start growing a captive audience for your brand on TikTok.

In a previous blog post, we shared some of the reasons why TikTok paid advertisements are a great branding opportunity. Today, we wanted to explore how creating a brand profile and uploading videos directly is another fantastic strategy to utilize the platform. 

TikTok is largely uncharted territory for brands. The lack of company profiles might be one of the qualities that sets it apart from other social media platforms––but it also makes it easier to stand out as a brand. Here’s some brands that have had incredible success on TikTok:

1. The Washington Post

One unlikely TikTok hero is The Washington Post. Their account has amassed over 850k followers. Through their content, they’ve introduced younger audiences to the beauty of the news by making it accessible, relatable, and––perhaps best of all––funny. Their coverage of the presidential election and COVID-19 updates have performed particularly well.

Gen Z might not pay for newspaper subscriptions, but they do check TikTok every day. TikTok is an amazing avenue to reach audiences you might not otherwise connect with and get your message out to new markets.


The same but different. #watergate #trumpcall

♬ original sound – We are a newspaper.

2. The San Diego Zoo

The “funny cat video” phase of the internet might be over, but audiences still want to see unique content (and having a cute pet doesn’t hurt). With over 1.8 million followers, the San Diego Zoo’s TikTok page is pretty undeniable evidence of that. TikTok has a very unique algorithm; just one lucky post and you might hit the jackpot, and profiles can gain triple-digit audiences overnight. The zoo’s third post, featuring one of their employees feeding a lion, rapidly gained over 7 million views. 

Even if your brand doesn’t have safari fauna, you still have something special to offer. Use it to your advantage when creating TikTok content.


Are you smarter than a Kea? 🐦🎓

♬ princess peach by shawn wasabi – Shawn Wasabi

3. Chipotle

Successful videos on TikTok are often like inside jokes––you have to be in the know about the context of each audio and trend. Creating a brand profile on TikTok is your chance to show consumers that you’re able to keep up with ever-evolving trends, while staying true to your brand identity. 

Guac may be extra, but TikTok cred is free. Chipotle’s brand account, which has garnered more than 1.4 million followers, is a fantastic example of how a brand can make trends suit their message. They frequently use trending audios and popular video formats (like this TED talk filter), but still keep things relevant to their brand. 


*sigh* ordering now (filter via louis tb/slimshader) #chipotle #funny #comedy #trending #viral #fyp

♬ original sound – Chipotle

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