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Tag Sounds Off

Thoughts and insights from the team at Tag.

Tara NeroneBy: Tara Nerone

Brands in the Air

Flying has become a contact sport recently. Unlike politicians, brands actually do suffer when consumers learn that they are assaulting their customers. United Airlines learned that the hard way this spring. Poor customer service acts were followed by worse explanations and non-apologies, and as a result, the already troubled brand took another big hit in 2017.

By: Darra Sers

New Year, New Trends!

Look at that! Another year come and gone (said everyone’s grandpa). But it’s true! And with each passing year comes fads that fade. (Thank you for leaving the mannequin challenge in 2016.) So, as a designer at Tag, what’s better to write about than the ups and downs of the design world in 2016. As […]

Michelle TaglialatelaBy: Michelle Taglialatela

Does Your Holiday Card Pass the Test?

In the advertising industry, the agency’s holiday card has always been a vehicle for creative expression about the brand. After all, we have free creative reign. No client approvals. No rush job status. No “no’s.”

Tara NeroneBy: Tara Nerone

You Don’t Build A Brand By Accident.

Michelle said it best – “A brand does not happen by accident. It requires the attention of your entire organization.” It’s why we have such a rigorous hiring process, which I shared in this blog in 2014. We live our brand at Tag every day, and we love to read about other companies that take […]

By: Eric Crawford

5 Things Great Brands Do | Part 5

With being a great brand comes great responsibility. Data continues to show consumers are loyal to brands that align with their ideals and personal values. Do your social responsibility efforts complement your business and brand strategies?

By: Darra Sers

Branding & Pizza

Something I have always loved about the city of Philadelphia is the diversity of its people and food! All types of food can be found within a few city blocks—from vegan to steaks to cookies being delivered at 2 a.m. This city truly has it all.

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