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Tag Sounds Off.

Thoughts and insights from the team at Tag Strategies.

Tara NeroneBy: Tara Nerone

Fly, Eagles, Fly

On February 8, 2018, Philadelphians were all Jason Kelce for a few hours. We were excited, impassioned, vindicated, and also little intoxicated on a weekday afternoon.

Michelle TaglialatelaBy: Michelle Taglialatela

Don’t Say A Word.

There is so much talk about diversity and inclusion in marketing that it can become numbing. How can we be inclusive with our marketing? How can we do it authentically? How do we tell the right brand stories? The answer? It isn’t easy.

Pinterest is great for holiday shopping and advertisers
Tara NeroneBy: Tara Nerone


If you’re anything like me, this is the time of year when you really hit your Pinning stride on Pinterest. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are my Pinterest big three trifecta. My home page is a flurry of DIY halloween costumes, fall recipes, holiday drinks and decorating inspiration.

Caitlin OrnerBy: Caitlin Orner

The NFL: This Is What Extreme Brand Loyalty Looks Like.

Football season is in full swing and there is no doubt that the NFL has some of the most brand loyal fans in major league sports… Is your brand scoring an emotional touchdown with your customers and prospects?

Eric CrawfordBy: Eric Crawford

Please Don’t Use Comic Sans In Your Company Email.

Before the advent of email, businesses primarily used snail mail for written communications. At that time, branded stationery and a well-formatted letter were really important because it projected the image of the company, and oftentimes was the first line of communication.

Tara NeroneBy: Tara Nerone

Brand Dies In Sameness: A Look at Major News Outlets.

If we covered the mastheads of three major national newspapers, would you know who was delivering the content? The news media has become the subject of the news and we are interacting with these brands more than ever. While few have differentiated themselves, most are living in the ‘sea of sameness.

Caitlin OrnerBy: Caitlin Orner

When Good Marks Go Bad.

2017 has seen a lot of branding changes as we dash to the halfway point, with some being better than others. When a well-established and easily recognizable brand decides to “freshen” their look, the world takes notice; and when they fail, we notice even more.

Morgan KarasBy: Morgan Karas

What Goes Into Building An Award-Winning Content Marketing Strategy?

A couple of months ago, Healthline crowned its Best Palliative Care Blogs of the Year. Much to our delight, we found that our incredible client Crossroads Hospice & Palliative Care was featured as one of the best blogs.

Eric CrawfordBy: Eric Crawford

Why Fly With iFly?

Falling from a plane 18,000 feet above the earth is a scary thought. That fear keeps most people firmly planted on the ground, never to experience the thrill of freefalling. It’s 2017, so naturally we have the option to do our best Peter Pan in the safety of a glass tube.

Tara NeroneBy: Tara Nerone

Brands In The Air.

Flying has become a contact sport recently. Unlike politicians, brands actually do suffer when consumers learn that they are assaulting their customers. United Airlines learned that the hard way this spring. Poor customer service acts were followed by worse explanations and non-apologies, and as a result, the already troubled brand took another big hit in 2017.

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