The Best & Worst Of Super Bowl XLIX Ads

Like the game itself, this years crop of ads were filled with great plays and questionable calls. The Tag crew weighs in on our top 3 liked and disliked of Super Ads Bowl XLIX.


The Best


Chevy Colorado “Black Out”

A minimal ad but an effective way to get attention out of the gate.


Carnival “Come Back to the Sea”

A powerful and moving ad in a category that has seen a lot of bad PR in recent years.


Dodge “Wisdom”

Dodge managed to be funny, enlightening and reinforce their brand with this ad. Everyone likes old people.


The Worst


Nationwide “Make Safe Happen”

Without a doubt the most controversial ad of the night. The payoff for Nationwide’s ad left viewers in an awkward place. And while it created conversation, it doesn’t seem like it is the one they intended.


Game of War “Who Am I”

Sex and battle. You can almost smell the Axe body spray coming from Game of War’s legion of players.


Lexus “Make Some Noise”

Both of the Lexus ads felt like your everyday car commercial.