Back To School, Back To Brands

Back to school shopping is upon us! With the start of each school year comes the chance for students to reinvent themselves. Whether they’re just entering middle school, their final year of high school, or their freshman year of college, students around the country are tugging on their parents’ purse strings to get their hands on the latest trends and gadgets.

Just as new students are eager to stand out among the crowd, so are brands. In order to win the back to school shopping battle, brands must position themselves, and their products, as the must-have items this year. Here’s a look at how brands are competing to be the coolest kids, on the block, this school year.

Old Navy
Amy Schumer plays the role of world’s worst aunt in Old Navy’s back to school TV ad. While Schumer may not know how to properly feed her niece and nephew, she does know how to save the day (and their wardrobe) with a little advice from a friend and a trip to Old Navy. The “cool” student in this spot helps position Old Navy as the obvious choice for the most fashionable clothes this season.

This year, Target launched a kid-created campaign. All of the TV spots were conceptualized by young students around the country.  Jeff Jones, chief marketing officer at Target, says, “…just as parents recognize the potential in their kids, Target does too”. In this spot, one of seven in the series, two girls bond over their love of Star Wars and instantly become friends. It shows how being true to yourself can lead to great friendships.

And of course, we can’t forget about hitting parents right in their soft spot: their child’s emotions. Kleenex teamed up with the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence in an effort to ease the worries and stress of moving to middle school or to a new school. Kleenex helps kids feel better about heading back to school knowing they are not alone. Parents…don’t forget to put tissues in your kid’s backpack, I mean Kleenex.  

There are an overwhelming amount of emotions that accompany the back to school season: nerves, pressure and, of course, excitement for the year to come. As a branding agency, we understand the importance of establishing an emotional connection with your audience with the right messaging. So whether you’re selling school supplies or new clothes, it’s important to position your brand as one that understands.

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