“B” A Fabulous Brand

If you have never stayed at a B Hotel, you should give it a try. These folks have figured out how to make you smile at nearly every turn. B does a great job of living its promise: ‘…we invite you to revel in self-expression hospitality, allowing you to tailor your experience how you desire it to be.’

From a design standpoint, the B Hotel brand is really clean, creative and interesting. White is the base color for everything and color plays off from there.

Your first impression when driving up to the property is full of curiosity. The architecture is curved. Planters are perfectly grouped together, and in the evening, the lighting is full of mood and dancing colors. The lobby is small, but full of character with a white wall of wavy texture illuminated by an ever-changing spectrum of color.

The hotel chain bears the tagline “B our guest.” They carry the “B” theme throughout everything, and it works very nicely. I will let the gallery of photos below tell the story, but as a synopsis, everything from the Do Not Disturb sign that reads “B Quiet,” to the extra roll of bathroom tissue that reads “B Prepared,” this hotel has figured out the impact of a fully aligned brand experience. I could go on and on about how great the staff was as well…they all performed at an un-B-lievable level. They even responded to a Facebook post I left them within seconds. Check them out on  facebook and twitter.

If you are looking to strengthen your brand, take a cue from B Hotel & Resorts. What is your customer experience like? Do all interactions make customers and prospects feel good about your brand promise? If not, strive to B fabulous by identifying and prioritizing your gaps ASAP! If you want some pointers on how to do this, feel free to contact me.