A Royal Re-Branding

Even the Royals need to be concerned about brand image. With all eyes on the Royal Family leading up to the Diamond Jubilee celebration, they needed their image to reign true. And it seems they pulled it together just in time.

Considering how unpopular the Queen was after Dianna’s death for not grieving with the public, coupled with her issues with Camilla (a.k.a. the other woman), and other insensitive acts on her part, her newfound popularity is pretty amazing. The Queen is showing her softer side, and it’s working.

Prince Harry is acting like a grown-up instead of an Arthur-like spoiled brat. His Diamond Jubilee tour, which included nations like Belize, Jamaica and the Bahamas, was seen as very successful. It seems the 27-year-old finally realized that his grandmother is admired by many and that his actions do matter. During his first solo trip on his grandmother’s behalf, Prince Harry immersed himself in local culture and showed his charming side.

Then there is William and Kate. Prince William is frequently portrayed in military attire, projecting an image of being strong, genuine and sincere. As a search and rescue helicopter pilot, he is serious about his military career, and wants to be able to look servicemen in the eye and say ‘I did my time’. Combine that with the ‘Kate effect’ and you get a brand image that people can really wrap their arms around.

From stuffy to approachable. The new and more welcoming image of the Royal Family is a great example of how you can change perceptions, even if your image has been out of favor for years…or even decades. How well liked is your brand?