A Fresh-Picked Brand Experience

Picking an activity to keep three young children occupied without resorting to digital devices or TV can often be a challenge. Thankfully, Philadelphia does offer some good choices such as the Franklin Institute, The Please Touch Museum and the Philadelphia Zoo. If you are looking for a place that continually remains fresh for kids and grown-ups alike you can’t beat one of our favorites destinations Linvilla Orchards.

Linvilla Orchards is a 300-acre family farm that provides a variety of ways to engage all ages. As a brand, Linvilla has a clear and consistent message of being a fresh and fun destination. It is particularly wonderful place for families. Examples of activities include: pony rides, annual Peach Festival, farm animals in the Barnyard, or fishing in Orchard Lake. There are other places to pick your own fruit, such as Maple Acres Farm or Sugartown Strawberries but Linvilla has proven to be the most consistent in delivering fresh produce and fresh activities with the perfect atmosphere.

Here are my favorite three fresh brand experiences at Linvilla:

Fresh pick #1: Pick your own

When: Throughout the year

Whether you have a favorite fruit you’d like to get (We are big fans of their honeycrisp apples) or are simply looking for a fun day out, Linvilla affords the opportunity to pick super fresh produce. When you arrive (or you can check their website ahead of time) there is a list showing you the fruits or vegetables that are available for picking that day. You pay for your tokens (which go towards cost of what you pick), take a crate for collecting your goods and then wait for the flatbed or tractor-pulled hayride to take you to the appropriate area. The drivers are friendly and knowledgeable, providing advice and guidance on what’s good and where are the best places to pick (they direct you to the rows with flags to indicate the ones that are ripe).

While sampling the fruit and veg is strictly discouraged, we have to admit to taking a bite here or there – they just look too tasty.

Picking fruit from a tree or veggies from the ground is a super fulfilling experience. The people at Linvilla have ensured this experience is fun, safe and enjoyable. It is always rewarding to bring back what you picked and enjoy or share with others.

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Fresh pick #2: Pumpkinland

When: Mid-September through early November

As a pumpkin carving enthusiast, once October 1st hits I am on the lookout for prime pumpkins to use for my Jack-O-Lanterns. While I have gotten pumpkins from Acme or Trader Joe’s, nothing compares to the experience of going to Linvilla’s Pumpkinland. The atmosphere is festive, with larger than life scarecrows and decorations of the harvest season.  While they have a variety of activities from face-painting to corn mazes, for me the pumpkin selection is awesome with over 100 tons on display. Linvilla was named as one of the 10 Best Pumpkin Patches in America. Finding decent carving pumpkins is easy, it just depends how big you want to go. They have a ‘special’- where for a fixed price you can purchase as many pumpkins as you can carry (I wish my arms were longer and stronger!) The difficult part is the carving, but thankfully there are resources like Pumpkin Masters online to help (and if you want to see some really crazy carvings, check out Extreme Pumpkins).  For me, the fall/halloween spirit is sparked once I come home with my Linvilla pumpkins.

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Fresh pick #3: Witches’ hayride.

When: Sept. 25 thru 27, Oct 2 thru 4, Oct 9 thru 30 2015

As part of Pumpkinland, the Witches’ hayride is the perfect way to really get into the spooky spirit. While not a scary experience (even less so than Disney’s Haunted Mansion), it does embody the fun side of Halloween. Embarking on a hayride through the darkness of the orchards, you visit the friendly Witches’ House in the woods where the witches  tell stories and jokes and gives all of the kids a treat. The hayride ends with the great combo of roasting marshmallows over a campfire and sampling Linvilla’s own apple cider.

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We make many trips to Linvilla over the year, and each one delivers a great brand experience that delivers on its promise of fresh and fun for the whole family.

What brand do you think delivers a fresh experience?